Traditions, respect, and honor the past, present, and the new beginning. Become enveloped in the ceremony of pride for the community as each of us celebrate the birth of new ideas, new friendships, and being united as Americans opening the festival.


Vietnamese Cultural Village (Làng Việt Nam) features structures found in our homeland, cultural displays, traditional arts and crafts, games and activities, traditional wears and cultural costumes, along with three days of entertainment, which include Lion Dance, Cai Luong Vietnamese Opera, singing, martial arts demonstrations, cultural dances, and more.

One of this year’s featured themes is Làng Lúa or Rice Village, which showcases Vietnam’s rice growing culture and the tradition of rice production. In the village, there will be a display of rice harvesting tools set against a backdrop of the rice fields.

Being a vendor at the Tet Festival gives opportunities to promote your products and services. We offer four distinct types of booths: food, game, commercial, and exhibition!

The Miss Vietnam of Southern California (MVSC) or Hoa Khôi Liên Trường (HKLT) is a prestigious Vietnamese American Cultural & Scholastic Pageant hosted by the Union of the Vietnamese Student Associations (UVSA). MVSC 2015 will be hosted by UVSA at the 34th annual Tet Festival at OC Fair & Event Center on Friday February 20th at 5pm.

The Ancestral Altar Procession (Lễ Rước Kiệu Tổ) is a traditional ceremony where individuals dress in costumes of King, Queen, Court Officials, soldiers, elders, and ordinary villagers walk in a cultural procession with carrying the altar of King Hùng, the founder of the Vietnamese people and nation, along with offerings to the prayer site (main ceremonial altar) on the Tet Festival stage to officially begins the festival.


Spring Wedding (Đám Cưới Đầu Xuân) is a re-enactment of a traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony complete with bride and groom, parents and family members from both sides, matchmakers, traditional offerings, wedding gifts, tea ceremony, lion dance, and a wedding procession.

Vietnamese lion dance teams perform for celebrations such as the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival. The lion dances usher blessings for weddings and new business openings. During the performance, live instruments represent the beating of the lion’s heart. On top of the lion’s head, there are mirrors to ward off the evil spirits.