Vendor Information


Being a vendor at the Tet Festival gives opportunities to promote your products and services. We offer four distinct types of booths:

Exhibition Booth

Advertising, bringing awareness to any kind of information, displaying forms of art, free services, and more. There cannot be any exchange of monetary values for any of the products or services on-site.

Game Booth

Selling entertainment where you can win a prize such as basketball, darts, ball toss, etc.

Commercial Booth

Selling products and services (except food) that involve the exchange of money (e.g. CDs, DVDs, electronics, phone cards, cellular phones and plans, travel packages, palm reading, newspaper subscriptions, etc).

Food Booth (SOLD OUT)

Selling food that involves the exchange of money. If you are selling pre-packaged food or fresh produce, you do not have to buy a food booth. All food vendors must follow all health regulations as outlined in the OCHCA Health Bulletin.


  • Non-profit organizations receive a $150 discount on their booth.
  • Check local newspapers and listen to local radio stations for keywords and ads for discount possibilities.

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